Ordering and shipment

When can i expect my order to arrive?

We are doing our utmost best to ensure the delivery timelines are met. In the unlickely event that this is not possible, then you shall be informed by e-mail. Track and trace information shall be shared fr your order which shall contain realtime information.           

You didn't receive all products?

No all products might be in stock when you order is placed which prevents us from shipping it all together. In your account overview you can see if we shipped all products or that a partial delivery is taking place. In case all products were shipped and you still are missing some parts, then it is best to contact our support representatives.     

How fast do i receive my ordered products?

Nothing is so important as delivery timelines. Articles that are on stock shall be shipped within the netherlands the same day and are received the next day most of the time. Products that are not in stock shall take a bit longer to be delivered.

Is your shipping address outside of the Netherlands or Belgium?

Then  it might take longer to get your product to you. Below table is an indication of the delivery timeline :

Land Levertijd + Extra bezorgtijd
Germany and Luxembough Delivery time + 2 to 3 working days
EU-countries, including Norway and Zwitserland Delivery time + 3 to 4 working days
Countries outside of the EU Delivery time + 7 to 9 working days
North and central america including the carabian Delivery time + 5 to 12 working days
Asia, Australia and New Zeeland Delivery time + 9 to 12 working days
Other countries  Delivery time + 12 working days

Which delivery options do i have?

Standad shipping within the netherlands is € 8,5. Delivery to countries outside of the Netherlands and Belgium and other delivery options shall be included in the shopping basked on check-out. Shipping cost is shown before proceding the order confirmation and payment.

Did my order go through, i didn't receive a confirmation?

When your order is visible in your account details and payment is processed then your order is accepted.  

In case it is more then 1 day that you ordered the products and there is no confirmation visible in your account, the pleaes contact our customer support representatives. When payment is processed and something went wrong then we shall refund the amount within 24 hours (working days only).   

Can i amand the order mad ?

No, after the order is processed you are not able to adjust it anymore. In the event the products are not shipped, you can contact our customer support to have the order cancelled.    

What do i do when i ordered the product multiple times?

When you product hasn't shipped yet, then you can contact our customer support to have the order cancelled. When you product did ship already then you can send it back to us, or reject the delviery at the door which forces the product to be send to us. Once the products are returned undamaged we shall process the refund within 24 hours (working days only).    

How fast do i receive a refund in case of an error made?

When an order is not going through then several scenarios might be possible. After the payment is visible on our bank account we shall process the refund within 24 hours on working days. Payment methods used like credit cards, online payment systems, wire transfers etc. might take a few days to deposit the amount on our bank accout. These delays our outside our span of control and should be taken into account as delays in the refund process.    

Payment process estimated delays.

  • iDEAL or banktransfer: withi  3 working days
  • Creditcard: withi  5 working days

How can i order something at MegaCellMonitor.com?

3 simple steps:

  1. Put yor products in the shipping baket and go to checkout. 
  2. Check all your products are in the shopping basket and validate the delivery options and costs. 
  3. Finalize the order and proceed to the payment process. Post completing payment the order is confirmed.

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