26 Jan 2019

The app doesn't start / show

When installing the app on a new VM or cleanly installed pc with Windows 10, you can run into the issue that the app installs fine - but is not starting. This problem is due to missing runtime libraries which are not standard installed by Microsoft on a clean PC. Download and install the C++ runtime libraries 2019 or above.

11 Nov 2019

Installation on Win10 V1903 November release

During the installation of the MegaCellMonitor you might encounter a message that the .net framework redistributable has changed. The installation stops and the MegaCellMonitor is not installed. This video addresses that problem showing the actual issue and solution.

  • Go to the MegaCellMonitor installation page
  • Click the link for installing the softwaree
  • Instead of "Install" click no "Launch" in the rows above
  • Complete the installation of the software
  • Start the McM and request a license using the contact form
  • Place the license in "C:\Connect and Exchange" and start the app.
  • This problem is being worked on at the moment....