Developing a new charger by listening to future users shall result in a high quality and feature rich product.

Lets us know what you think should be included...

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Current features in scope

This new project started at the beginning of August 2021 when a manufacturer, software architect and hardware designer concluded that the current chargers on the market didn't meet the demands. Together the following requirements were listed.

Product Design

The charger shall support different chemistries, battery sizes and changing the battery holder should be as easy as swapping a battery in a cell holder.

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High current (dis)charge

New battery chemistries and bigger lithium based battery models require a higher current for charging and discharging. The new charger shall support 3 ~ 5 Ah for both charge and discharge currents. Each slot shall be individually configurable for charge and discharge currents.

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Open API

API specifcations shall be published for everyone to use. Enhanced features like Over The Air updates, Web updates for the web UI and when running in standalone mode the firmware can be updated using the web.

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Use of the current software, MegaCellMonitor, to drive the new charger.

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