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Dependent librariees updated and minor fixes

All packages and libraries are updated. This ensures good compatibility and less bugs in libraries where the MegaCellMonitor is dependent on. Current packages used are:

  • Syncfusion
  • DevExpress
  • DotNetBrowser
  • DotNetZip
  • Dymo
  • Brother
  • EASendMail
  • LiveCharts
  • MQTTNet
  • PDFSharp
  • Zebra
  • Reconnect feature for the UDP data stream in case the charger powers off / on while the app is running.

    State Of Health added (SOH)

    When known cell types are being tested the application is now capable of determining the state of health of that cell based on the entered values in the cell types database. When a cell is below the SOH circuitbreak value, then the cell is being rejected and marked as bad. Cells that don't have a selected cell type shall always report 100% healthy.

    Firmware update

    Fix where incorrect settings that are stored in the firmware (power outage etc.) caused a firmware crash at boot. Corrupted settings files shall now be deleted and the charge global or default settings shall be applied.

    New firmware with updated code to support multiple ports connected to a single battery

    Web server performance upgrades

    As the cell types were more frequently used, the web server ran into resource issues. Now the server is configured with web caching components ensuring that the application remains responsive even under high loads.

    Regression test stores cells

    During the regression tests some cells were not stored in the cell database. This bug is now resolved.

    Virtual chargers

    Virtual chargers are added to support the ability to bind multiple ports together on the MegaCellCharger.

    Phomemo M110 printer

    New printer driver is added to the software for the Phomemo M110 printer.