Moving towards azure

Previously the website was hosted on a private server using a home office network connection which is not reliable, redundant, properly managed etc. Now the entire site is migrated towards Azure whereas the security features within Azure required also an application update. TLS Version 1.2 and above shall be used to communicate with the new Azure hosted webservices, which means that the application also needed to be updated.

Version and below are no longer supported and shall no longer be able to receive licenses from the new platform. This means that all users have to update the application to continue using it. Most unfortunate this unforseen problem is in the middle of a new feature (cell slot combining) whereas we can't postpone the migration.

Cutover to Azure shall be completed at the end of July. In the comming days you will have to upgrade to version or above

Cell combining

Cell combining is advancing slowly as a lot of testing need to be performed. Currently the workflow is working for a single physical charger with a single virtual charger. Some issues were noticed when multiple physical chargers and multiple virtual chargers were used. Hence please don't for the time being

Cell settings are used from the physical charger and also the circuit breaker features are comming from the physical charger settings. This shall be changed in the future so the virtual charger cells are governing the settings of the physical charger slots.