6 Months Of Warranty (see our policies)
This version of the MegaCellCharger is now in production and can be ordered. Objective is to get enough to have the injectionmodling template created to wrap the charger is a beautiful jacket. 

The MegaCellCharger can be pre-ordered  here and will be shipped globally. Benefits of the MegaCellCharger:
  • Optimized for fast cell processing. The Measure Capacity Mode will run charge / discharge cycle and display all the needed information for your cells, like Voltage, Temperature, Capacity and ESR.
  • Software easy to update. The Cell Doctor has been designed to allow firmware and software updates.
  • 16 Amps Charge and between 1 and 0.1 amps variable discharge range. The charger uses the popular TC4056A battery management chip for charging and PWM controlled discharge.